Google Ranking SEO Craigslist Secret

Google Ranking SEO Craigslist Secret

Google Ranking SEO Craigslist First page Google in hours. Simple SEO And Google rankGoogle Ranking SEO techniques,  Free Craigslist Google Ranking lessons for beginners.


Google Ranking SEO Craigslist Secret has an upside and a downside.  The upside is that you will be on top of Google first page quickly.  It works with any keywords.  Maybe even first result in a few hours.  The downside is that you can post an ad for one area only. And the listing is only good for 45 days.  But 45 days is enough to make you some good money if you did a research on the keyword planner from Google

Google Ranking SEO Craigslist Open an account

Open an account on Craigslist
opening a craigslist account
Be careful with the ad that you will use.  Keywords influence will have a lot to do with it.

For example, we will use my website that has a business directory listing for my town. I will offer A Premium membership for my Boissevain Small Business Directory.

(I closed this website since it was an example and I live in a town of 500 people.  They don’t need listing and I had to pay for hosting.  I got another one instead. )

You can check it out here


Google Ranking SEO Craigslist Keyword Research

Keyword search is important but simple. When you enter a keyword for your search, you want to compete against a minimum of other results.

For example here, we will do a basic search on Google front page ranking  and see the results.

Google search for results

Now we have a major problem on the first search.  Too many results.  1,570,000,000 of them to compete against.

Change keyword for the search and try and improve the results.  Here is a second attempt.

google ranking competition

It’s better but still way too high.  We want to find less than 10000 results in the search.

 Here is an excellent result. Because I used a term with no competition. Less than 10000 websites in the results.  Most are beginners so it’s not hard to beat their ranking.  Keep reading below to see how we got there.

Best Google Search Results for SEO

Making your ad with the terms  you found for your Google Ranking SEO

*SEO means Search Engine Optimization.  Basically is making your site so Google likes it.

So the term used was this.  Boissevain Small Business Directory. First page Google terms will be used in the ad I make.  That would generate much traffic If I was in a city for example.  Awesome.  I hope you enjoyed the quick lesson and please, share with marketers that may need to know about this. That is the basic keyword research part. Now lets go make an ad.

Here is the ad I created and it wasn’t really optimized for Google Ranking.  Anyone can use that technique, Beginners or professionals.

  making your ad on Craigslist for SEO
Nothing fancy but I used the name of my business as a title.
Then I hit continue And since it said there was no images, I uploaded the two most descriptive images I had on my directory. for my ad. and then previewed the ad.
Here is what it looks like.
Content to SEO for Craigslist
I then was going to submit it since it looked good.  My town and Directory are specific keywords for the ad.  Lets look at “before the craigslist ad” on Google ranking.  Then I will hit Submit.
Google Ranking SEO not listed
Nothing on the first page.  It’s good. Let’s see how this will work out.
It’s November 27th 2015 as I submit.  Lets see how long it take after I confirm the submission to get listed at least on the first page.
Google Ranking SEO Craigslist time
I have to go change my tires now so I’ll check it out in a few hours.
I checked last night and nothing came up, 19 hours after, here it is on first page.  Make sure you go in Incognito mode on your browser so it doesn’t show your cached results. Or ask a friend to search it from their computer.
google ranking seo applied for final results
So here, you have it, Google first page Craigslist listing for free.
If you would like to visit my Lorem Ipsum Club and take free Lessons, join the SEO Club here.  By no means don’t just jump in.  Try what I just showed you and if you think I can do more for you, Join as a paid member and I will unveil all my other secrets. Share it for support and because I shared a trick that can save you money.
Thanks for your time.
By the way, we are brand new and will have great hosting packages for beginners and professionals.  Keep updated.  Bookmark us and share us.
Google Ranking lessons on  SEO for Craigslist’s free listing and your Keyword research  for high ranking was easy I hope.
 Check out the other  Ranking Lessons here

My name is Pierre Godin and I hope I helped you.  Leave a comment.



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